Sharpen the Saw

Are you regularly investing in yourself? It’s important to take care of yourself so you can take care of business. Check out this video where we examine Stephen Covey’s ‘Sharpen the Saw’ principle ...

Stop Saying “But” and Start Saying “And”

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like, “I love that idea, but we need to do it differently?” As soon as you say the word “but,” the other person immediately forgets the part about you loving the idea. Because you completely invalidated it with the “but” and everything that came after it. Instead, use...

Make Work Light

Author and researcher, Liz Wiseman, takes a deep dive into what makes an IMPACT Player in her book, Impact Players, How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact. If your goal is to have greater influence and impact, you’ll find lots of good stuff here to unpack. For starters: “While others add to the load, Impact Players make heavy demand feel lighter.

Decision Fatigue

In a standard day, the average person makes 35,000 decisions! What to eat, what to wear, turn left, turn right, start this project, make that call. No wonder the term “decision fatigue” was created to describe this drain on our mental energy.

Focus Sprints

A Focus Sprint, more formally known as the Pomodoro Method, is a popular time management technique that could work for you. In short, you focus on only one task at a time and set a timer to track the time you spend on that task.

Solution-Oriented Questions

Problem-solving is a universal skill needed in any role, any industry. So, it’s not surprising that strong problem solvers are highly valued assets to any team. You can strengthen this skill and leverage successful results by utilizing a process to help you identify and solve problems. Start by asking the right questions about the problem.

Gray Zone Leadership

At SMART, we hear this leadership trait described many ways by our client partners: proactive, self-starter, able see the big picture, the X-factor. The clear fact is they value and seek out this trait in team members. The IMPACT Project is about the same, encouraging SMART Professional to look for opportunities to add value and make improvements for their companies. Those opportunities to lead are often not spelled out in a job description but operating with this mindset can help you make a big IMPACT.

Lead the Way

“As our world gets more connected, the projects that change us are more and more likely to have a form that would be hard to recognize just a generation ago. But inventing and choosing and supporting these projects is now on us, and it begins by recognizing that they even exist.” – Seth Godin This describes our Impact Project! The idea is to do good in our community, work, and self. And then, to share that good with others and encourage one another to do likewise.

Work on the RIGHT Thing

It’s hard to constantly step back and make sure we are working on the RIGHT thing. Busy doesn’t mean effective. I constantly have to remind myself to not just go through my email and be reactive, but at the beginning of the day identify what the BIG goals are (sometimes called ‘Rocks’) and make sure I spend time on those.