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Solution Mindset

The work world is filled with problems and challenges. In fact, SMART Professionals are hired to help companies overcome those hurdles and move priorities forward. And we have an important choice to make along the way, will we focus on the problems or on the solutions?

Make Big Plans

We talk a lot in IMPACT about making small, steady improvements. But it is also important to know where you are headed. Visualize who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in your future. And then, with, those goals top of mind, break down the small steps needed to reach that future state. Imagine your future self!

The Attitude of Gratitude

Sharing gratitude has the power to bring out your full potential and positively impact those around you. Research has shown the practice of sharing gratitude can create tons of personal benefits for you like improved health, better sleep, increased optimism, and fewer negative emotions. It can an even help you avoid burnout.

Ask and Adjust

While good employees may work to manage and minimize change, IMPACT Players welcome, adjust, and learn from change. They view change as an opportunity to build new capabilities. As the target moves (and we know it often does), employers highly value team members who are quick to...

Daily Strides

One goal of SMART’s IMPACT Project is to encourage and provide a framework for continuous improvement. IMPACT Players set a goal of getting a little better each day. Sometimes the strides are big, and sometimes they are baby steps. It is the forward motion that matters!