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SMART Solutions and Beacon Technologies are joining forces to create a strategic partnership. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to combine our expertise and light a clear path for your success!

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SMART specializes in IT Consulting and Contingent IT Staffing.  


Find Your Next Hire 

Our experience in IT staffing will help you find the right skilled IT consultants to successfully and cost-effectively develop and implement transformation projects. 

Working with SMART means:

  • Top-tier IT staff with the correct skills to deliver solutions
  • Support matching IT staffing levels to business demands
  • A reliable IT partner with expertise in specialized talent searches

Elevated IT Staffing

The SMART Difference

Experience an elevated level of service for your IT staffing solutions. Whether you are looking for your next role or trying to find your next hire, partnering with SMART means:

SMART Fit Guarantee

ensures your placement is the right fit.

Your IT placements are guaranteed. Nearly everyone knows in the first week if they have a fit. In the rare occasion it’s not, you let us know. You won’t be billed for that week and will receive new candidates.

Consultant Care

provides ongoing consultant support after placement. Our Consulting Care service makes sure SMART professionals receive unrivaled consultant care,  including ongoing contact, coaching, full benefits, longevity increases, training and more.

SMART Fit Analysis Tool

designed to give you the highest success rate. The Smart Fit Analysis Tool identifies the required technical skills while also finding soft skills like agility, eagerness to learn, teamwork, virtual collaboration needed for long-term success.

Collaborative Partners

As partners, you will find us agile in adapting to your systems and processes, honest, and reliable. When we exchange feedback, you can tell us straight and expect the same in return.  

In-Depth Screening Process

so you are only looking at the most qualified candidates.

You review only qualified IT candidates, screened for technical skills, soft skills, culture fit, and authenticity instead of reviewing “all” that respond.

Contact SMART

Meet with our dedicated team today to learn more about how SMART can help you. 

“SMART really took the time to truly understand our hiring needs and the level of skill necessary for each role we were looking to fill. They provided us with only the best people, pre-screened and pre-qualified ahead of time. We were able to get productive people in place faster and projects completed sooner.”

SMART Health Check

Keep Your Project Management Methodology

in Good Health

Get an extensive assessment of your current Project Management methodology with a SMART Health Check. We will thoroughly review the process / procedures you have in place and use our findings to identify areas that need improvement. Plus, we provide recommendations and best practices so you can take actionable next steps to maximize your capabilities with Project Management critical elements. 

Industry Experience


Next Gen of Tech

Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to the success and growth of any company – and we are here to help empower your DEI initiatives.

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