Active Listening

Nov 9, 2022 | Communication, SMART.remark

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Are you really listening or just waiting to talk? There’s a difference.

Active listening is a skill that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to many of us, but it is a critical IMPACT skill and, thankfully, one that can be developed. The benefits of being an active listener are many. It ensures you don’t miss important information, it helps you absorb more knowledge, and it aids in building trusting relationships.

This Forbes article suggests some solid techniques for building your active listening skills. You could start by asking Clarifying Questions. ”A great way to truly engage in what someone else is saying is by asking clarifying questions about their comments. Yes, it sends a signal that you’re invested in their comments, but more importantly it mentally engages you more deeply into their comments, issues, etc.”

If you’re still listening, we encourage you to check out the full article for more tips on enhancing your active listening skills.

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