Apologies Matter

Oct 12, 2022 | Communication, Professionalism, SMART.remark

SMART.remark - Apologies

Apologies Matter

October 12,  2022

Apologies. They can be stressful and humbling but are very essential for a healthy workplace. Everyone, from the bottom of the ladder up to the top, makes mistakes at some point.

The key is recognizing you’ve made a mistake and starting the process of moving forward, which begins with an apology. It must be heartfelt though and followed through with actions that confirm you truly are sorry and are working to repair the damage done and not repeat the same mistake.

Genevieve Michaels has an excellent article on the 6 ingredients of a great apology:

  1. Express regret
  2. Explain how the mistake occurred (to give context, not to make excuses)
  3. Take responsibility
  4. Be clear and succinct
  5. Suggest concrete action
  6. Ask for forgiveness (emphasize that you care about the relationship with the person you hurt)

Read her full article for more tips on apologizing in the workplace, both in person and remotely.

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Communication is critical on any project.ย Without proactiveย messaging for customers and proper technology training and/or process updates for employees, the success of your project hangs in the balance.

Two months from implementation of new SMART Technology, our utility client realized there was no plan to communicate the upcoming changes to employees or customers.ย 

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