Stress Management Apps

Nov 16, 2022 |

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Busy, busy, busy!

Professor Hinkle from Frosty the Snowman isn’t the only one to feel that way. This time of year are you starting to feel the stress of the approaching holiday craziness?

From exercise to mediation and reading to video games, everyone has their own way of relieving stress. Did you know there are a variety of apps to guide you through the relaxation process as well?

Headspace is a great one to go through meditation/mindfulness exercises to unwind before bed on those days you can’t stop thinking about the mountain of to dos. But there are so many more! Pocket Yoga teaches you poses or entire routines to relax while Personal Zen is an app that offers games developed based off clinical findings on ways of decreasing anxiety.

Wondering about the options out there? Check out this article as a place to start.

Drop a comment below of your favorite way to relax this holiday season.

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