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A tech staffing company that also cares about transforming your business?

Now, that's SMART.

Tech is constantly transforming — but how is it transforming?

Our successful work in the many niches of the Madison tech space — and the knowledge accrued over two decades of being in the business — makes us the right partner for forward-thinking companies.

Why Smart: Smart truly understands your challenges, issues and concerns and partners with you to solve them.  Smart works on today’s biggest challenges alongside some of the area’s top companies. Through our IMPACT Project™, Smart is developing world class consultants, ready to help you move IT forward.  CIOs, IT leaders and those leading transformational efforts (CX, Digital Transformation, etc…) rely on Smart to help advise and provide the people and tools to reach their goals.

Here are the trends we're seeing.
How will your talent needs be impacted?

Digital Transformation

This phrase is everywhere. But what does it mean, exactly? For Chief Information Officers (CIOs), it means the traditional role of the IT department—supporting the back office—just skims the surface.

IT has been reframed, and it’s become the foundation of customer-facing, revenue-driving, and value-contributing activities with an organization—and IT careers are following suit.

Requirements / Roles:  Cyber Security, Change Management, Digital, Program Management, DevOps, Data Scientists


Facing disruption on several fronts, companies are under pressure to build new digital products and services that generate top-line growth—and build them quickly.

Who better to build these capabilities than CIOs, who have an array of emerging technologies at their disposal?

Requirements / Roles:  UX, Design Thinking, Agile Project Management, Data Analytics, Design Sprint Facilitators


CIOs are reinventing themselves as specialist business advisers who understand the disruptive power of technology.

These IT leaders act as the CEO’s trusted lieutenants, using their deep understanding of all things digital to help deliver the agile enterprise.

Requirements / Roles:  Scrum Masters, Agile Project Management, Lean, UX, Design Sprints

Gig Economy & Project-Based Work

The freelance economy benefits from the rise of independent contractors and the increase in short-term jobs which workers find appealing as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile. Changing jobs every several years is an outcome of the gig economy.

The current reality of how firms hire and engage talent must evolve. Building and growing world-class talent have never been more challenging.

How we work

Transparency, trust, and quality are at the core of our efforts.

Whether you’re looking for your next role or to fill a role at your company, we keep you well-informed through all aspects of the talent process.

This means if you’re a candidate, we keep you in the loop every step of the way — working to give you updates and the most up-to-date information about the roles you’re interested in. For companies, we’ve worked through every situation imaginable — and our learnings have led to safeguards and processes to ensure you have access to the best possible candidates.

Even with a tight hiring market, it’s not enough to have hard skills — the specific knowledge and abilities needed for a particular role. Adaptability, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking — these IMPACT skills are the differentiators today and can be the distinction between having a job and having a career. 

Smart’s IMPACT Project™ is about life-long learning and improvement.  It is designed to provide our people with the tools to strengthen or develop their skills and set them up for success in today’s environment.  We are empowering Smart Consultants to make a positive impact on their careers, the companies they work with and their communities.

Economics of Contingent Staffing

Your workforce is bigger than you think. With companies having to move more quickly and produce more than ever before, many are turning to hiring contingent (temporary, gig, or project-based) staff.The US gig economy is bigger than you might expect — according to the Bureau of Labor, there are 57 million gig workers in the US economy — that’s 36% of all US workers! This percentage is only expected to increase. 

What’s the benefit to your business? We’ve outlined a few key advantages below:

save Time & Money

Freelance and self-employed talent often have a very specialized skillset, which means there’s less time — and ultimately, money — spent on on-boarding and off-boarding. By letting another staff do the work of finding and vetting talented temporary or project-based help, you’ve got more time to spend on more strategic initiatives.


Ever had a company initiative that needed to get off the ground immediately, but your full-time employees were at full capacity? Contingent staff, especially those who are specialists in their field, can help you staff up or down quickly and hit the ground running on that next big project without having to be liable for hiring a full-time position.


Contingent or self-employed workers help companies save on costs as they typically don’t collect employee benefits such as healthcare or a 401K match.


Working with a company that cares about your company’s goals for hiring temporary or project-based workers can help you mitigate risks. Having a partner that keeps up with current employment regulations, provides temporary workers with their own set of policies, and does the heavy lifting for background and reference checks is not only important — it helps your company keep risks to a minimum.

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Have a role that you’re struggling to fill?

The only technical staffing company in the area focused on educating, developing and creating the talent to tackle the next disruptive wave of technology that will impact all organizations. 

Smart partners with leading companies and startups to educate, provide value and plan for the practical application of tomorrow’s disruptive technologies.

Smart is developing a reputation as being a forward thinking partner that is finding, developing and working with the top technical talent in the area.