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Keeping your project in good health is essential for positive outcomes. As a leading provider of project management solutions, we understand the importance of delivering projects on time and on budget. SMART helps you identify potential project challenges and obstacles early on, so you can make proactive adjustments before they become major problems. Plus, our Project Management Health Check examines your existing project management processes and provides best practices and implementation strategies to give you full visibility into the status of your projects, including project governance, resource planning, change management, documentation tools, and more.



SMART Project Management

Key Support Areas

Successful project management often comes down to creating cost savings and process improvements. SMART project managers ensure that the project remains within the agreed-up project constraints and are experts in troubleshooting common issues for organizations:


Costs are management’s biggest challenge when running a project. With efficient cost management from SMART, a manager can avoid various common complications a project may face and strive for better and quicker results. 


Projects to be delivered as quickly as possible and can lead to unrealistic or unachievable deadlines. SMART will create a project plan with your team that prioritizes deadlines and achievable tasks — and will ensure that any scope creep during project execution is avoided or timelines modified as required.

Scope Creep

Unsure of next steps or have vague requirements? SMART proactively engages during the project planning phase to help you get your exact requirements and understand expectations. 


Ineffective management and team accountability can sink a project. SMART will work with you to develop roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders and team members to help create clarity on and foster more team collaboration.  


Poor communication can lead to lack of transparency, minimal stakeholder involvement and negative team impact. SMART will help you develop a communication plan for all stakeholders and keep all team members on the same page with a clear view of the project. 

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Your Resource Planning with Strategic Project Management

Cost management is an essential – and often challenging – part of any project, but missteps in resource planning by our insurance customer led to a multi-million dollar deficit. Learn how SMART leveraged previous project success with our customer to help streamline workstreams, identify weak spots, and reset their cost management approach for more successful future planning.


Make a Case for Scope Creep to See Cost Savings

Are you faced with ever expanding goals and parameters for your project? Falling into scope creep is easy. SMART helped a major utility client identify scope creep and develop a business case to determine the pros and cons of adding to the project scope. Using these findings, the client denied the scope creep, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SMART Health Check

Keep Your Project Management Methodology

in Good Health

Get an extensive assessment of your current Project Management methodology with a SMART Health Check. We will thoroughly review the process / procedures you have in place and use our findings to identify areas that need improvement. Plus, we provide recommendations and best practices so you can take actionable next steps to maximize your capabilities with Project Management critical elements. 

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