Protecting Smart Devices

Oct 19, 2022 |

Protecting Smart devices - a SMART.remark

From a smart fridge to a video doorbell to a smart speaker, what can you do to protect them from hacking? We all know we should be using strong, unique passwords, but are you checking your Wi-Fi network protocol and updating the firmware as Jason Cohen calls out in his article on smart home security?

First, be sure to use the highest security protocol available to your Wi-Fi network. WPA2 is the best unless you have a newer router with WPA3. You’ll also want to update the firmware, which is the low-level software that powers your router and other smart devices.

“Companies roll out bug fixes and new features over the internet for your other connected devices, and many will automatically update when connected to Wi-Fi. Registering your smart device with the manufacturer may help ensure these updates get to your gadgets.

However, there are still many devices that require you to proactively select the Update button to get the latest goodies and security patches. Don’t ignore these updates; running older firmware versions could leave your device vulnerable to hackers looking to exploit unpatched flaws.”

Check out Cohen’s article to learn more ways to protect your smart home.

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