Virtual Meeting 101

Jan 7, 2021 | SMART.remark

In this new reality of virtual meetings replacing face-to-face interactions, it is imperative to consider how our non-verbal communication through the small window of a computer screen may affect people’s impressions of us.  In a virtual conference room, nonverbal cues often speak louder than our words.

Eye contact is an important component for building trust through communication and unfortunately is one casualty of communicating through a video platform.  ”Direct eye contact is nearly impossible on a video call.  To demonstrate artificial eye contact in a call, individuals will need to stare directly at the webcam. However, by staring at the webcam individuals may miss out on important visual cues the speaker is delivering on-screen.”

This author recommends “watching the screen and absorbing these nonverbal cues while others are speaking. Then, when it’s time to speak or present, people may want to look at the webcam to enable eye contact.”  She offers additional thoughts on how to effectively manage posture, hand gestures and screen orientation in the linked article. 

Before clicking the join button on that next meeting, take a minute to consider how you will manage your non-verbal cues to match the impression you want to make. 

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