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digital & technical skills will undoubtedly be needed in your organization.

And, at every level, individual contributors will also need evolved abilities in adaptability, creativity and critical thinking – which are IMPACT competencies.  These IMPACT skills will empower employees to thrive in a 21-st century workplace:










Helping You Succeed

The IMPACT Project™ provides the tools and training to help you be a world class contributor!

Because of our experience and relationships, we continue to learn which skills consistently drive success.  We aren’t just talking about the technical or digital skills needed for today’s digital-first world.  We’re also talking about the IMPACT skills required to excel in these times of rapid change and transformation.

Technology — and the job market it depends on — is in a constant state of change.

Smart’s lived at the intersection of this change for over 20 years. That’s why we’ve built a program focused on lifelong learning and continuous improvement to help you tool for success. The IMPACT Project™ provides tools, training and opportunities, plus suggests a mindset for those who want to grow with the times, expand their perspective and see the world changed for the better!

SMART Resources

Articles and blogs tackling issues related to talent in the digital-first era.

The Power of a Good Attitude

“Being pleasant and having a good attitude is a simple way to become luckier. Opportunities come through people, and people are more likely to bring opportunities to people they like. It’s hard to win if your attitude adds friction to every interpersonal experience.” ~ James Clear This is so true in consulting and many other interactions.   If your attitude adds friction to every interpersonal experience, it makes everything you want to do harder.  People are less likely to take your suggestions or receive input from you. So, in addition to ‘luck’ I would add ‘a good attitude’ as a simple…
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Being Professional

Watch Brent’s latest video for a SMART take on the role professionalism plays in building trust and getting things done. After all, we are SMART Professionals serving Professionals!                                                                                                                                                 …
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Critical Thinking – Eliminate Bias

Are you intentional with your critical thinking process? “Developing your critical thinking skills improves your problem-solving skills, boosts your decision-making ability, and gives you a methodology to tackle complex problems.” One important step is to be aware of any cognitive bias at play and eliminate it from your critical thinking process. You can start by asking yourself these questions: Am I making any assumptions about this information?  Are there additional variables I haven’t considered?  Have I evaluated the information from every perspective?  Are there any viewpoints I missed?  Biases aren’t always bad, but you need to be aware of them…
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Networking in a Remote World

Are you still building and maintaining your professional network while working remotely or hybrid?  Networking can provide you with numerous career benefits like building connections, exposure to fresh ideas, gaining career support and advice, and the list goes on. The opportunities to network in-person have been limited due to the pandemic but many great alternatives have popped up in place of the traditional conferences and cocktail hours.  Virtual events and online communities are plentiful, and without geographical boundaries, expanding your access to topics, people, and ideas.  Sign up, join the conversation, explore, learn! And don’t forget to leverage the opportunities…
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Accepting Criticism

Criticism…whether constructive or mean-spirited is not always easy to receive.  Check out this video from SMART President, Brent Mitchell to learn a successful strategy for accepting criticism like a pro!                                                                                                                                             …
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The ‘Write’ Stuff

Are you delivering your intended message in your written communications?  Are you sure?  Word choice, tone, punctuation, contractions, emojis can all impact your message and the outcome, especially on a remote team.  When working remotely, you lack the face-to-face interactions and body language cues, so “every word you type (or don’t) is important in conveying your ideas and communicating effectively with your colleagues”.  This article is loaded with tactical tips for communicating effectively on a remote team or any team.  Try some of these tips for yourself and let us know the impact it has on communicating with your team.…
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Join the conversation as we tackle all issues related to talent in the digital-first era.

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    L.E.A.D.E.R.S - The 7 traits of Authentic Leadership

    What is about a leader that you find appealing? They inspire others, earn trust, and get things done.

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    Neuroscience of Conversational Blind Spots

    Blind Spot #1 – Assuming everyone thinks like me.  Blind Spot #2: Feelings don’t change my reality.

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    Effectively Communicating Through Change

    In your mind, what’s a necessary condition for communicating effectively during a time of change? 

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    Kanban for Everyone

    Whether the project is big or small, in an IT or Non-IT Setting, Kanban provides a framework to guide a team or individual to a successful outcome.

    Download: Kanban for Everyone Resource List

    Connect with Alex Garrett

    Agile Project ManagEment

    A Project Manager's Guide to Digital Transformation

    One might get the impression that digital transformation is something that happens at the board or executive levels with no substantial decision power for other people in the organization. That could not be further from the truth—project managers in particular play a vital role during a digital transformation.

    SMART'S Favorite Articles

    4 Ways to Compete for Talent in the Digital Age

    Few people would debate that companies need to pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive. But although they make financial investments in digital transformation, they may underestimate the importance of technology talent in successfully executing such a shift.

    Digital Transformation through Adoption Change Management

    Organizations often achieve low adoption with the implementation of new technologies due to staff not being prepared to adapt and incorporate these toolsets into regular work routines. The primary reason for failure of technology adoption is resistance to change, which is mitigated most of the time when companies incorporate organizational change management as part of technology projects.

    Change management for digital transformation: What's different?

    Digital transformation will fundamentally change your company's mission-critical processes and operations. Done right, it changes the way your company, works, thinks and addresses challenges. If you want to change the game as CIO, you need a change management plan that addresses culture as much as technology.

    Council Post: Solving Digital Transformation Cybersecurity Concerns With DevSecOps

    One of the core challenges for many organizations in today’s digital world is that they must create powerful customer experiences. But this is simply not possible to do so in isolation. Third-party integrations are often what distinguishes your product or service from the competition — whether that’s integrating real-time weather data or processing payments.

    Why User Experience (UX) is the Centerpiece of Digital Transformation

    Whether they're focusing on Android or Apple iOS platforms, business leaders cannot overlook the importance of user experience when developing enterprise mobility strategies. An application with poor UX will present a major barrier to adoption, and it's likely that employees will turn to an alternative if the navigation and interface are difficult to manage.

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