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A tech staffing company that also cares about developing your career?

Providing the tools to help you have maximum impact on your career, company & community.

digital & technical skills will undoubtedly be needed in your organization.

And, at every level, individual contributors will also need evolved abilities in adaptability, creativity and critical thinking – which are IMPACT competencies.  These IMPACT skills will empower employees to thrive in a 21-st century workplace:










Helping You Succeed

The IMPACT Project™ provides the tools and training to help you be a world class contributor!

Because of our experience and relationships, we continue to learn which skills consistently drive success.  We aren’t just talking about the technical or digital skills needed for today’s digital-first world.  We’re also talking about the IMPACT skills required to excel in these times of rapid change and transformation.

Technology — and the job market it depends on — is in a constant state of change.

Smart’s lived at the intersection of this change for over 20 years. That’s why we’ve built a program focused on lifelong learning and continuous improvement to help you tool for success. The IMPACT Project™ provides tools, training and opportunities, plus suggests a mindset for those who want to grow with the times, expand their perspective and see the world changed for the better!

SMART Resources

Accept Criticism as a Gift – 9/25

Continuous Improvement requires us to be open to input and change.  Input can sometimes
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Work Smarter with the 1-3-5 Rule – 9/18

They take many forms but most of us operate off some sort of to-do
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Wear Orange Tomorrow to Make an IMPACT – 9/9

Smart is proud to help Second Harvest fight hunger by wearing orange and posting
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next SMART TALK™ presentation

Kanban for Everyone

Please plan to join us as we are introduced to the Kanban Method, Systems and Boards.  Through this fun and interactive session, we will explore this effective workflow management tool.  Whether the project is big or small, in an IT or Non-IT Setting, Kanban provides a framework to guide a team or individual to a successful outcome.

Alex Garrett

Kanban Coaching Professional

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM

Virtual Presentation

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Neuroscience of Conversational Blind Spots

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Effectively Communicating Through Change

In your mind, what’s a necessary condition for communicating effectively during a time of change? 

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Kanban for Everyone Resources

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Are You Taking the Time to Improve Your Skill Set?

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The Intersection of Healthcare and Technology

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We’re in the middle of a sea change when it comes to careers and work. Maybe you’re looking for a full-time job at a company with a great culture. Or, maybe you’re loving the flexibility and autonomy of the gig economy and are looking for more short-term contracts and projects.  We are here to introduce you to roles that fit your situation and are in line with your skills.  We will match you with interesting projects and provide you with tools to make an IMPACT on your career, your company and your community.

“I trust my interactions with Smart Solutions. They are professional, honest, and provide the best technical expertise around. I always go to them first for specialized skills that I need.”