Positively IMPACT Your Company’s Work Culture

Jul 30, 2020 | SMART.remark

While attending several webinars on success in a remote world, one theme was recurring…It can be challenging to maintain and convey a company’s culture in a virtual setting.  Challenging, but completely possible.  The key is, the responsibility does not just lie with management or HR, we can all play a role in making our company a great place to work, even when everything is different.

”Every employee has the opportunity and responsibility to shape the culture in which they work, including the new and more prevalent virtual working world.”  How can you help?  Try starting with these small steps:

  • Keep your camera on during video calls – Stay engaged, be part of the team
  • Be enthusiastic – Show that you are excited to work and collaborate with your team
  • Dress professionally – Continue showing up and showing up well
  • Help you coworkers – Support them but don’t step on their toes
  • Talk about things outside of work – connect as people, but don’t get overly personal

What can you do?

Excerpts from: 5 Ways You Can Contribute to Your Company’s Virtual Work Culture

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