Work Smarter with the 1-3-5 Rule

Sep 25, 2020 | SMART.remark

They take many forms but most of us operate off some sort of to-do list for our workday, or at least we should.  It’s important to identify and prioritize the important tasks for the day to help ensure we stay productive, not just busy, or as we like to say, work Smarter not harder.

Working Smarter can often require shortening our to-do lists. By identifying what is most important and including only what we can reasonably accomplish in a day, we have a greater likelihood of staying to task and accomplishing those goals. 

1-3-5 Rule – This prioritization strategy advises we can reasonably get one big thing, three medium things, and five small things done in a day, so we should stick with that roadmap as much as possible.  Of course, some flexibility is granted as urgent priorities arise.  This tool can help ensure the important work gets done.  For more info on this prioritization strategy and a few others, read the full article below.

Give the 1-3-5 Rule a try when mapping out your tasks for the day or the week.  And then let us know if it has a positive effect on your productivity by submitting an IMPACT Form! 

Excerpt from: Never Finishing Your To-Do Lists?  5 Strategies to Try

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