Gray Zone Leadership

Apr 11, 2022 | Influence & Leadership, SMART.remark

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This article about leadership without a title introduces us to the concept of Gray Zone Leadership. “Gray-zone challenges exist in every organization all the time, typically outside the responsibilities of any single individual or group. They live between the lines of the organizational chart, waiting for someone to stand up and deal with them. Gray-zone leaders grow adept at spotting these issues and apply their resources to solve the problems.”

At SMART, we hear this leadership trait described many ways by our client partners: proactive, self-starter, able see the big picture, the X-factor. The clear fact is they value and seek out this trait in team members.  The IMPACT Project is about the same, encouraging SMART Professional to look for opportunities to add value and make improvements for their companies. Those opportunities to lead are often not spelled out in a job description but operating with this mindset can help you make a big IMPACT. 

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