Process for the Win

Aug 14, 2020 | SMART.remark

In recent Smart Remarks, we talked about goal setting and focus, both important tools for making things happen.  Next up, we examine the value of having a clearly defined plan to reach the goal, a process.   

To be successful in reaching a goal, we need a clear process for how to get there.  The process should include a clearly defined scope of work and a detailed execution plan.  In the linked article, you can read about two teams of explorers who set out to be the first to make it to the south pole.  “Both teams started within days of each other, had the same equipment and similar levels of expertise, so neither weather nor talent were factors that distinguished winning from losing. What did separate the two, was how they worked.”  The team that built a process and stuck to it made it first to the goal.  The story did not end happily for the other team.

Smart has been focused internally on sharpening our processes, so we have a clearly defined execution plan to reach our goals, not relying on hope and good intentions.  Through our IMPACT Project, we challenge individuals to examine their own processes, both big and small, to identify opportunities for improvement and to then make those improvements.  What about you, how could you work Smarter?  Make the improvement and then tell us about it by submitting an IMPACT form!

Excerpt from: 3 Simple Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable

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