Focus Sprints

Apr 26, 2022 | Productivity & Process, SMART.remark

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At the office or at the home office, distractions are ever-present. In fact, “if you’re a typical working American, you’ll be distracted every 11 minutes; and, it will take you 25 minutes to settle down again to your task.” Distractions take a huge toll on focus and productivity but there are tips and techniques that can help you deal with these intrusions.  

A Focus Sprint, more formally known as the Pomodoro Method, is a popular time management technique that could work for you.  In short, you focus on only one task at a time and set a timer to track the time you spend on that task.  The recommendation is a 25-minute sprint followed by a 5-minute break and then repeat up to 4 times.  “You’ll get better and better at doing them over time. Each interval improves your ability to stay focused when it matters, helping you learn how to not get distracted in the long term.”  

When you need to be heads down, practice these Focus Sprints to see if they help you block out distractions and stay on track to reach your goals. 

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