Decision Fatigue

May 2, 2022 | Critical Thinking, Productivity & Process, SMART.remark

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In a standard day, the average person makes 35,000 decisions!  What to eat, what to wear, turn left, turn right, start this project, make that call.  No wonder the term “decision fatigue” was created to describe this drain on our mental energy.  In today’s volatile environment, the ability to adapt and make critical decisions takes on an even more heightened importance and that mental exhaustion you may be feeling could very likely be decision fatigue.

We place great value on process at SMART and following a process for making important or difficult decisions could help you be more successful and decisive.  The author shares the following process example for your consideration.  Start there, and then customize a process that works for you!

  • Identify problem 
  • Gather information 
  • Identify opportunities 
  • Identify potential obstacles 
  • Weigh the evidence 
  • Choose best option 
  • Take action 
  • Review decision

Try creating and using a process for your next big decision.  And then tell us about the IMPACT the process had on making your choice by submitting an IMPACT Form.  


 To your success! 

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