Cyber Hygiene

Jul 20, 2022 |

Cyber Security

With the ever-growing technology presence, cyber security is becoming more important than ever. While cyber security is a familiar term, you may have never heard of cyber hygiene before.

Alissa Irei from TechTarget describes it this way:

“Cyber hygiene, or cybersecurity hygiene, is a set of practices organizations and individuals perform regularly to maintain the health and security of users, devices, networks, and data.”

Cyber hygiene is the responsibility of every individual at your company, not just the IT Team’s. You hear a lot about encrypting your data and making sure you have a unique, strong password. But it’s also important to actively take part in patch management. In her article, Alissa points out that you should be installing “any available software updates and security patches on both company-owned devices and any personal devices used for work.”

After all, a security fix your IT team worked hard on developing is no good if you don’t reboot your computer to update it. If you struggle to remember to update your computer, you can set it to automatically update.

We want to hear from you! Comment below what you do for cyber hygiene and how you stay educated on the latest kinds of attacks and prevention.

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