Work on the RIGHT Thing

Mar 22, 2022 | Productivity & Process, SMART.remark

The easy problems are often an illusion. If they were real and they were easy, they’d be solved already.

Difficult problems, on the other hand, stick around until someone with insight, dedication and commitment shows up and gets to work.

Seeking out difficult problems is far more effective than avoiding them.

Seth Godin

My first thought when I read this was “This defines a SMART Professional who has the consultant mind set.”  We say,  “I’m here to solve problems to help my client reach their goals. That’s why I role up my sleeves and get to work on the most difficult problems first.”

It’s hard to constantly step back and make sure we are working on the RIGHT thing.   Busy doesn’t mean effective.  I constantly have to remind myself to not just go through my email and be reactive, but at the beginning of the day identify what the BIG goals are (sometimes called ‘Rocks’)  and make sure I spend time on those.

To your success!

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