What’s HOT in IT today?

You’ve likely read a lot about IoT, digital transformation, cyber security, and the next greatest software development language.  There is so much that is constantly changing in the technology space that it can be hard to sift through all of the information out there and focus on what you want to learn about next.  We’ve complied a small list of topics with supporting websites to help narrow it down to what’s HOT right now.

With a daily avalanche of information, we recommend finding a few trusted resources you can go to on a regular basis, like the examples above.  Having a consistent source of good data is key to staying up to date and ahead of the changes in the technology space.  Even if you just skim the headlines from these sources, you can still get a high-level view of what is going on because what’s HOT is constantly changing.  In order to say informed you’ll want to find time to do a little research.  We recommend finding 15-20 minutes at the start or end of your day to catch up on trends, changes, and news. Prioritize keeping up to date. It will not only help with your current knowledge base but may help you decide where you want to take your career in the future.

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