The Intersection of Healthcare and Technology

We have all been reading a lot about Healthcare and Biohealth Technologies and how they have a deep impact on our economy.  This rapidly evolving marketplace has created thousands of jobs in our state, specifically in Dane County. Whether you are thinking about the behemoths like Epic and Exact Sciences, or the myriad of startups in the Madison area, there is a flurry of activity. Health IT initiatives are helping to create abundant opportunities across multiple technology areas from supporting electronic health records to medical devices, and everything in between.  Check out these great resources to help you get a high-level view of what we are paying attention to.

  • The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides some great data on how Information Technology integrates with Wisconsin’s health rates (or something along those lines) : . This page reports Wisconsin’s health information technology (IT) adoption rates and maturity—the extent to which health IT is actively being used and integrated into the workflow of providers and to share data across organizations.
  • Biohealth is the cluster of industries that drive the innovation economy in Wisconsin and the US. It is the intersection of healthcare, life sciences, biosciences, digital health, and biomanufacturing. This page talks about Wisconsin’s position within the Biohealth industry and its’ diversity profile.

As these organizations and companies continue to create value through their products and services in Healthcare there will be growing needs to meet the demands of their businesses and the marketplace.  We have seen that take shape in applications of AI to aligning digital strategies for data governance.   If you feel your technical skills can be utilized in the growing market, we’d love to talk about what needs we are seeing in the field.  Please connect with us at .