Solution-Oriented Questions

Apr 18, 2022 | Critical Thinking, Innovation, SMART.remark

Solution-oriented questions (1600 × 924 px)

Problem-solving is a universal skill needed in any role, any industry.  So, it’s not surprising that strong problem solvers are highly valued assets to any team.  You can strengthen this skill and leverage successful results by utilizing a process to help you identify and solve problems.  Start by asking the right questions about the problem.

Solution-oriented questions go beyond identifying the problem to pinpointing steps to a solution.  For example, “Let’s say you need more customers. Rather than ask, ‘Why can’t I get more customers?’ ask solution-oriented questions like ‘What three things can I do differently than my competitors?’ or ‘What would I have to do in the next month to get 10 new customers?’”

Give this technique a try the next time you need to deliver a solution. 

 To your success!


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