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Active Listening in an Agile World

Much of the conventional wisdom around active listening suggests that we remain quiet, nod, and offer the occasional “mm-hmmm” to show the talker that we’re really listening to her.  Couple that with repeating back to the talker what we thought we heard and understood her to be saying, and you’ve got the formula for good active listening, right?!

Chariti Gent

DiSC Expert. Interpersonal Communications Consultant. Team-Building Specialist.

October 15, 2019

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"We need more coders," - "However, five years from now, we won’t be worried about coders, but the lack of people with soft skills. We're short on people who can understand the human experience." #DigitalTransformation

Redefining DT for companies has enabled an entirely new role for the CIO, and for the company’s IT, one that opens the door toward new areas of expertise and leadership, with vast implications on the entire company’s success. #DigitalTransformation

As Forrester Research writes, “As businesses become more digitized and interconnected, the impact cyberattacks have on brand value, customer trust, and physical safety increases.” #DigitalTransformation #CyberSecurity

Technology risk-management and security are key components for any business, but especially for digital businesses and, therefore, the components need to transform alongside the business. #DigitalTransformation #Security

How has Digital Transformation made the #CISO Indispensable? {Infographic}

#DigitalTransformation #CyberSecurity #infosec #databreach #Cloud #innovation #datagovernance #IoT #AI #Analytics #Education #Security @VMware

When an organization promises to
deliver the value of digital business to
customers, it’s often the case that security
professionals are not at the table when
critical decisions are being made. #CyberSecurity #DigitalTransformation

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