Being stuck at home offers a real opportunity to develop skills and get better at what you do.”

It can be way too easy to focus on everything we are missing as the need to stay at home continues. But we also have an opportunity to capitalize on the opportunities this moment in time presents.

Working and staying at home means no long commute and fewer office distractions. Our social calendars are strangely clear and binge-watching TV is getting old. This all means we have more free time on our hands. This is the perfect time to work on our professional and personal development. Learn a new skill, sharpen an existing one, explore new tools, take an online class, read an industry book, watch a TED Talk, the possibilities are endless!

“Being cooped up at home isn’t easy under normal circumstances, and during these trying times, you may be ready to explode. But while it may be difficult to see the positive in all of this, if you manage to use this time to advance your career, you’ll have something to be grateful for once life is able to return to normal.”

Excerpts from:

To Your Success!

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