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March 23, 2020

Core Competency: Effectiveness

Are You Developing Your AQ?

AQ or Adaptability Quotient is the ability to adapt to and thrive in an environment of change. 

“…With the accelerating rate of technological change, we’re facing more change than ever before, and we can train our brains to better adapt to those changes. Adaptability itself is a form of intelligence, and each of us has the capacity to become more adaptable, think of it like a muscle… It’s got to be exercised.

Become an active un-learner

When change comes your way, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking in new information while un-learning old information, but…this process is key when it comes to managing your stress levels. Our adaptability is not fixed, active un-learners seek to challenge what they presume to already know, and instead, override that data with new information.  Fratto recommends returning to a beginner’s mindset when you’re notified of a change and reminding yourself that you’re entirely able to let go of old information and absorb new information. It takes dedication, but each of us has the capacity to improve our adaptability.”

To Your Success!

Excerpt from: How Improving Your “Adaptability Quotient” Can Help You Succeed

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