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February 17, 2020

Core Competency: Effectiveness

Establish a Dedicated Workspace and Routine

These are unprecedented times as wherever possible, our employees both in our office and in the field have been asked to distance and work from home. And for your ready cooperation with that call to action, we thank you!

Although many have experience working remotely, at least on occasion, for some this is a new frontier. And, for most, working full-time from home is new territory. For these reasons, we will be dedicating the next few weeks of Smart Remarks to the topic of successful remote work. Today we’ll start with setting a solid foundation. The linked article offers some good tips and begins with establishing a dedicated workspace and routine.

“A separate workspace doesn’t have to be a dedicated office with a door that closes (which is often not an option). It should be an area that mentally prepares you for work mode, whether it’s a separate room, a small desk set up in a corner of the living room, or a laptop at the end of the kitchen table. Ideally, it would be a place you don’t go to relax, like your bedroom or your sofa, and a place that other members of your household know is designated for work.

Try to start work around the same time every day if you can, and schedule breaks (including meals) around the same time if possible. Finally, try to end work at the same time every day.”

To Your Success!

Excerpt from: How to Work From Home

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