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February 10, 2020

Core Competency: Communication

Stay Visible

Our entire team, both in-office and those placed with our clients have transitioned to working from home, with the exception of a few folks whose roles are deemed essential to be on premise.  How lucky are we to work in a time and in a profession where technology makes this possible?! 

By now, you’ve hopefully taken steps to establish a workspace and a routine at home that sets you up for success.  Next, we recommend you put a little extra effort into staying visible to your team. 

In our office, we conduct twice daily video stand-ups to stay connected and keep information flowing.  We are also utilizing MS Teams, email, video calls and good old-fashioned phone calls more than before.

What’s important now is to regularly communicate with your boss and your team.  Share your status, your progress, your roadblocks so you can keep moving things forward.  Let your team know you are there and where you are placing your efforts.  Reply to emails in a timely fashion.  Take your phone out of silent mode so you don’t miss an important call. 

It can be too easy to get caught up in our own bubbles, so instead, look for opportunities and use the tools available to you to communicate, and when in doubt, over-communicate.  For more on the topic, please visit the article below.

To Your Success!

Excerpt from: 8 Tips to Make Working From Home Work For You

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