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September 30, 2019

Core Competency: Communication

Respect Others Productivity Time

DO knock on the door, even if that door is figurative and virtual. Nonstop notifications can spell the death of deep thinking, and as people realize this they’re taking steps to carve out uninterrupted time for themselves at work. To be respectful of this, try to ping coworkers with a quick “Is now a good time?” or “You there?” before launching in with your question or request.  Interruptions are a huge productivity killer, and as the COO of a growing company, I find there are times where I need to engage in “deep work” for an hour or even an entire afternoon. Our employees feel the same way, so I really encourage our team to turn on Slack’s do not disturb setting when they need to focus.

Excerpt from: How to Build Positive Workplace Relationships

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