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A tech staffing company that also cares about developing your career?

The Plus Program

Digital & Technical skills will undoubtedly be needed in your organization.

But at every level, individuals will also need strong interpersonal skills and evolved abilities. These “future-proof” competencies that allow employees to thrive in a 21st-century workplace are:







digital communication



Knowing what it takes to succeed

Because of our experience, relationships and size we are able to study the skills that consistently drive success.  We aren’t talking about the technical or digital skills needed for today’s digital-first world.  We are talking about the softer skills required to excel in these times of rapid change and transformation. 

The Plus Program provides the support, training and development opportunities to help ensure success!

Technology — and the job market it depends on — is in a constant state of change.

Smart’s lived at the intersection of this change for over 20 years. From simply filling an IT role to working with you to develop your MarTech stack or innovation team, helping you land your “right fit” to working with you on the skills you need to propel your career forward, we’ve got your back.

Let's talk

We’re in the middle of a sea change when it comes to careers and work. Maybe you’re looking for a full-time job at a company with a great culture. Or, maybe you’re loving the flexibility and autonomy of the gig economy, are looking for more short-term contracts and projects where you get to work on interesting and impactful projects that are in line with your skills — or help you secure new ones.

Whatever your goal is for your career — and your life — we can link you to a variety of opportunities that match. In addition, we offer plenty of additional opportunities — career guidance and mentoring, chances to network, and soft skills development through our Plus Program.

“I trust my interactions with Smart Solutions. They are professional, honest, and provide the best technical expertise around. I always go to them first for specialized skills that I need.”