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Sure — we’re an IT staffing company. We’re also a people company that really knows IT — not just the market, but what the right fit can do for your company — or your career.

We treat your career like it’s our career. From application and interview to onboarding and beyond, we’re here to offer support by connecting you to our entire Smart Solutions team. In addition to your Recruiter, you’ll have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you as you navigate through your career. You’ll also have access to resources such as our community of IT professionals and our IMPACT Project™ to help guide you to success.

Let us help you find a SMART solution that will take you into the future.

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Technology — and the job market — is in a constant state of change.  We’ve been on the pulse of this change for over 20 years — our IMPACT Project™ provides tools to help our clients and consultants successfully navigate through this change.

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How we’re different

Planning for Careers, Not Jobs

At Smart, we don’t look at your career as a list of bullet points that make you perfect for a particular job or role. We work to understand how you’ve planned your career up to this point, and how you want to invest in yourself to accomplish your future goals.

One we get to know you, we personalize our interactions to follow suit, giving you advice, guidance, and mentoring for what you’re doing now — and what you’d like to be doing a few years from now. 

Helping to Retool Skills, Careers

We know that when it comes to your career, there’s no such thing as a linear path. Sometimes, you find your true passion later in your professional life, and you may not be 100% sure of the next best step to take. 

We’ve been there before, and we can help. Our IMPACT Project™ provides the tools and training to be a world class contributor, no matter the role.  The IMPACT Project™ is about life-long learning so, whether you are an experienced pro or starting a new career, we’ve got your back.

Taking the Uncertainty Out of Contract Work

“What happens when my contract ends?” Many consultants love the flexibility contract work gives them, but it’s natural to feel a bit of apprehension about what happens after the work wraps up.

Once you’re on the Smart team, we actively work on your behalf to place you in another role, serve as a reference for another job opportunity, or help you find short-term projects to fill your work time. 

Giving Access to the Latest Tech Opportunities

Our history in the Madison tech world means we have a wide network of companies who tell us about available roles before anybody else. We pass our knowledge onto our consultants, which means you have inside scoop on roles that are in line with your skills and interests.

Career Agents

No doubt, tech is a broad field. And, with so much emerging tech out there, getting in early is to your advantage, especially in a state like Wisconsin, where there’s no shortage of FinTech, HealthTech, and startups that are looking to leverage technology — on top of established companies looking to innovate.

Smart offers a unique career program, focused on giving you the tools you need to be a world class contributor today — and in the future. Whatever your goal is for your career — and your life — we can link you to a variety of roles that match. In addition, we offer plenty of development tools through our IMPACT Project™ — training, career guidance, mentoring and networking opportunities that will empower you to make an impact on your career, your company and your community.

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Your Benefits

Employee benefits are just one way we provide care and support for our people. Check out our list of benefit options we offer to all hourly and salaried employees!

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Take Control of Your Career

Job hunting isn’t easy. The application processes can be lengthy, it may take forever to hear back from anyone, and if you interview you may wonder how it went. And, if you get hired, you may rarely hear from your staffing firm. We’re here to break that typical staffing mold — shoot us a message today to see how we can help you. 

“Smart Solutions takes the time to understand what we need. They understand our environment and provide us with candidates that fit us.”
“Smart Solutions understands the qualities that I’m looking for; hard working, dedicated, skill sets. They are invested in my success.”
“I had always worked directly for corporate employers, but was thinking about becoming a consultant. Smart Solutions helped me learn how to do this so well that I just stayed with them.”
“Your company has been the best company I have ever worked for…Your team is fabulous, compassionate, understanding about work-life decisions and you all should be proud.”