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    L.E.A.D.E.R.S - The 7 traits of Authentic Leadership

    What is about a leader that you find appealing? They inspire others, earn trust, and get things done.

    Connect with Roger Wolkoff


    Neuroscience of Conversational Blind Spots

    Blind Spot #1 – Assuming everyone thinks like me.  Blind Spot #2: Feelings don’t change my reality.

    Connect with Jacy Imilkowski



    Effectively Communicating Through Change

    In your mind, what’s a necessary condition for communicating effectively during a time of change? 

    Connect with Chariti Gent



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    Kanban for Everyone

    Whether the project is big or small, in an IT or Non-IT Setting, Kanban provides a framework to guide a team or individual to a successful outcome.

    Download: Kanban for Everyone Resource List

    Connect with Alex Garrett