SMART specializes in IT Consulting
and Contingent Staffing.

Technology and Business Leaders partner with SMART to provide world class people and tools to help them reach their goals.

Smart has helped hundreds of SMB technology and business leaders in Wisconsin to successfully and cost-effectively develop and implement transformation projects across business functions from accounting, finance and marketing to information technology. Our Consulting and Contingent Staffing solutions make their lives better (or easier) by saving them headaches, time, and money, while ensuring peace-of-mind.

We have a full team of Wisconsin-based project managers (PMP and agile certified), scrum masters, Kanban and change management experts ready to help you get your priorities done. Resources ready to go to work for you.

We help business leaders find the right skilled consultants to successfully and cost-effectively implement business and IT projects when they:

  1. Lack staff with the correct skills or knowledge to deliver today’s solutions.
  2. Struggle to match staffing levels to business demands in this volatile market.
  3. Need a partner with expertise in conducting specialized talent searches.

We help match talented individuals with the right opportunities to make a difference when they:

  1. Desire a career, not just a job or contract.
  2. Want to work with a dedicated account executive who will coach and guide them, not just manage them as another resource. And your coach will help transition you to your next opportunity.
  3. Want the tools and training to be a world class contributor, no matter the role.  Our IMPACT Project™ is about life-long learning.

When it comes to translating technological innovations into real business results, technology is relatively easy to come by.


We take a different approach

Smart Fit Analysis Tool

Our Smart Fit Analysis Tool helps ensure a higher rate of success by looking not only at the technical skills required to perform, but more importantly, soft skills like agility, eagerness to learn, teamwork, virtual collaboration and many more.

Establishing a cultural fit has proven to be a critical factor in our mutual success.

The IMPACT Project™

Digital and technical skills will undoubtedly be needed in your organization.

And, at every level, individual contributors will also need evolved abilities in adaptability, creativity and critical thinking.

Agility, curiosity, virtual collaboration, data handling, and learnability: these are just a few of the IMPACT competencies that allow employees to thrive in a 21st-century workplace.

We’re working on making the next generation of tech more diverse than the present.

Diversity is fundamental to the success and growth of any company. Diversity of opinions, experiences, cultures, and of all categories. Why? Because with diversity comes innovation. And with innovation comes business success. 

We’re in the middle of a sea change when it comes to careers and work. Maybe you’re looking for a full-time job at a company with a great culture. Or, maybe you’re loving the flexibility and autonomy of the gig economy and are looking for more short-term contracts and projects.  We are here to introduce you to roles that fit your situation and are in line with your skills.  We will match you with interesting projects and provide you with tools to make an impact on your career, your company and your community.

Who we work with

Sure, we could talk here about the types of positions we place (you can find that list here)—
but we’re interested in the bigger picture. 

We partner with people and companies who want to make a difference. Who want to move the needle. Who are ready for the next big thing. Here’s some of the company we keep and the types of roles we work on regularly.