Are You Taking the Time to Improve Your Skill Set?

You’ve been in your role now for at least 2 years. You excel at what you do, and you know what is expected of you. Now what? Do you put yourself on cruise control, watch out for obstacles and see how long you can ride this out? After all you’re happy and content right now. Or, do you ask yourself what you can do to add more value to your team, your organization, and your skill set. Have you ever thought to yourself, I could get to the next level if I just do this, or learn that? What is stopping you?

We can probably identify a teammate or two in this situation, but maybe it’s even you. There is nothing wrong with staying in a position that you are great at and that is safe and secure. In fact, you may have a lot of pride and satisfaction in that role, and that is enviable. What most of us tend to forget, or are passive about, is how important it is to improve our skills on a regular basis. When we get into a good rhythm and our schedule is humming along, it can be hard to stray from that path to look at things that may seem to inconvenience us or take up more of our time. However, we all know when we take the time to improve, even if it is in small portions, it is highly likely we will reap the benefits of our efforts.

Have you thought about what you will need to do to improve your current skill set and improve your career? Getting a certification or reading meaningful, relevant content daily could help give you the opportunity to excel in your field. Find out what your company’s training policy is, get some coaching or find someone to use as a sounding board.

Developing and improving is the greatest way to move up in the workplace. The organizations we work for need to constantly improve to compete, so their team members must also evolve to be competitive. We cannot expect others to manage our careers for us, we must do it ourselves.

Smart Solutions has a dedicated Resource Manager to help walk you through what questions to ask as you seek out ways to evolve your skills and career. What resources are available to you? Whether you want to improve a technical skill, learn different communication techniques, or enhance your soft skills, we encourage you to take the next step in managing your career.

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